Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Monoflange

The Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Monoflange represents a true technical and economical innovation. Differently from the old system made out of several (big) valves with multiple leak paths there is only 1 “flange” that incorporates all valves. The Monoflange valve can be made in 316 (standard) or exotic materials when required. They have compact dimensions with consequent reduction of installation costs & weight and as there is only 1 body the number of potential leak paths is reduced.

Double Block Bleed Flange


  • Rolled stem threads prevent galling
  • Stem threads are completely isolated from the process
  • Stem packing with graphite rings for bubble-tight seal
  • Bolted bonnet for strength and reliability
  • Stem tip construction: non-rotating self-centering
  • Backseat design provides secondary stem sealing and prevents stem blowout
  • Adjustable gland flange allows easy access to the packing gland and packing adjustment for an effective stem seal
  • Robust handwheel
  • Firesafe design
  • Pressure rating up to 6,000 PSI (413 bar)
  • Temperature rating: (Grafoil) -54°C / +510°C (-65°F / +950°F)


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